CRC/Parent Company/Sub-Contractor Members in Downgraded Probation Service Jobs

Dear Unison member

About 700 CRC, CRC parent company and CRC sub-contractor staff are on pay protection in the Probation Service after transferring into a lower graded substantive role in the Probation Service.

All these staff are eligible for a 6 month post implementation review of the job evaluation outcome of their new Probation Service job.

In order to prepare for this Unison need to start pulling together a list of the downgraded jobs into which members have transferred.

Currently in the North West we have identified the following roles;

Hub Admin Manager – downgraded to Senior Case Admin

Programmes Manager – Down banded from PB5 to PB4

Treatment Manager – Down banded from PB4 to PB3

UPW Manager – Down banded

If you have been down banded/graded on transfer please identify yourself, your role and what has happened to you in terms of role/banding

Please email as a matter of priority and in confidence to