CRC Ballot Newsletter and FAQs

National Agreement QA – Support Material for Tus only
PensionUnder what ‘exceptional circumstances’ may an employee not be eligible for LGPS & CSPS?  Employees will only be excluded from the LGPS & CSPS in exceptional circumstances.  Such exceptional circumstances could include where a high earning employee was offered the choice, by the CRC in respect of a portion of their salary, to receive such sum as either salary or pension, and chose salary.  In such a situation to allow the employee to join the LGPS in respect of their elected higher salary would be viewed as an unjust enrichment.  In such circumstances HMPPS (NPS) will ensure that the pension provisions which applied prior to transfer will be offered to the employee post transfer and will not be less than the statutory auto enrolment minimum. Further guidance can be obtained via 2013 LGPS Regulations 3 (1)(b) and Civil Service Pension Alpha Scheme Regulation 14(3)
RedundancyWill redundancy be offered to all grades?  There may be a targeted scheme for a limited number of employees to exit on voluntary redundancy terms. Current data suggests this scheme will be primarily targeted towards senior leadership and corporate services roles. The probation service will be subject to significant demand in future years and our primary focus is on retaining and adding to the probation workforce.
Transfer MechanismWhy is a staff transfer scheme being used to transfer staff from current providers to NPS but TUPE being used to transfer staff to Dynamic Framework providers?  The Programme position is that the mechanism for staff transfers in relation to probation services transferring into HMPPS (NPS) would be via Staff Transfer Scheme (STS) as the transfer of such services could be considered “an administrative reorganisation of public administrative authorities” or “the transfer of administrative functions between public administrative authorities” and accordingly would fall within the ‘Henke’ exception.   However, as plans for the Dynamic Framework (DF) competition have evolved, we felt it necessary to review whether TUPE could apply to the transfer of these services taking into account, amongst other things, the nature of the local rehabilitation activities to be procured from providers appointed to this framework. Unlike the lift and shift of probation services carried out to date, we believe the providers appointed to carry out rehabilitation activities to be procured under the DF are likely to be assessed as carrying on ‘economic activities’ (either for profit or not for profit) on a commercial basis. As such, and taking into account the latest case law, we are of the view that TUPE is expected to apply to the transfer of services under the DF subject to the usual requirements for a relevant transfer as set out in the regulations.   Accordingly, whilst a STS will continue to be relied upon for transfers to HMPPS (NPS), TUPE will apply to transfers to DF providers.  
Impact on Wales Transferees in 2019If the National Agreement is agreed what will happen to the T&Cs of the group of staff who transferred to Wales from Seetec in Dec 2019At the point of transfer in Dec 2019 the group of staff transferring to HMPPS (NPS) Wales from Seetec retained their current T&C’s. If the National Agreement is agreed then the T&Cs for this group will be applied retrospectively to the date of transfer in Dec 2019.
PensionsWhat happens to employees current occupational pensions upon transfer to HMPPS (NPS)?This depends on members existing arrangements and how long they have participated in those arrangements. We are unable to give any guidance except to say they will need to contact their current provider.  
PayHow will staff assimilate to the NPS Pay structure      If a CRC staff member transfers across and is on an annual salary at the same rate as a recognised NPS pay point in their NPS pay band then they will transfer onto the same figure within the NPS pay band and there will be no impact on their salary from the transfer.   Please see the examples below, in particular example 3         Example 1: BAND 2   Current CRC Basic Salary – £18,654   Pay on assimilation to the NPS structure – £18,833   The salary of £18,654 is not a recognised pay point on the NPS pay structure. The employee will assimilate onto the nearest higher pay point on the Band 2 scale and receive an increase of £179.   Example 2: BAND 3: Current CRC Basic Salary – £29,000   Pay on assimilation to the NPS structure – £28,200 (Pay Band maximum)   The employee will assimilate to the maximum of the Band 2 pay scale which is currently £28,200. They will not suffer a drop in their take home pay. We will apply pay protection to the difference of £1,200 per annum and this will be paid as an erodible mark time allowance for three years from the date of transfer.   Example 3: BAND 4   Current CRC Basic Salary – £30,208   Pay on assimilation to the NPS structure – £30,208   As the pay point of £30,208 already exists in the NPS pay structure, the employee will remain on their existing basic salary. There will be no impact on their annual salary from the transfer to the NPS. This is also the salary used for the next NPS pay award, subject to the national NPS pay award position.    
PayWhat happens when Pay Protection for former CRC staff payments ends?Pay Protection Pay Protection is achieved by the payment of a separate and erodible mark time allowance. This is a separate allowance and limited to three years duration. Your NPS basic annual salary will remain in payment and will not be impacted by the end of your pay protection.   A mark time allowance will be shown separately on your payslip and this is the figure that will cease after three years. Your NPS basic annual salary will remain unchanged by the pay protection. Your NPS basic annual salary will be treated for pay award purposes in the same manner as every other NPS employee and may increase with the annual pay awards dependent on the national NPS pay position.   At the end of the three years there will be no impact on the NPS annual salary or any NPS allowances. However if the Mark Time allowance is still in payment then this will cease after three years if it has not eroded before then.  
National AgreementWho does the National Agreement apply to?The Agreement is with the Probation Trade Unions and extends to CRCs and their staff that transfer, either to HMPPS (NPS), or to Dynamic Framework Providers only.  It does not extend to staff in other employers (CRC parent organisations, subcontractor or supply chain) because we could not negotiate an agreement with the Probation TU’s where they do not have a negotiating remit.  These staff would transfer to the NPS with their contractual terms protected in June 2021.  The Agreement would be the basis for alignment discussions for these groups.  
Continuity of ServiceWhat service will be protected if I transfer to a DF provider?Continuous service with a CRC, including continuous service with a former Probation Trust and predecessor/s will count as a period of continuous service post transfer and the change of employer does not break continuity of employment.   Please refer to paragraphs 6 and 7 of the separate Voluntary Redundancy (VR) / Voluntary Severance (VS) document for details of what service will count for VR / VS purposes.  

Consultation on CRC to NPS/DFP Staff Transfer & Protections Powerpoint Summary

CRC Staff Transfer and Protections Proposals Ballot OPEN

The ballot is now open for all our directly employed CRC members, including ex-KSS CRC staff who transferred to NPS Wales in December 2019, over proposed staff transfer and protection terms for the staff transfers next year. UNISON’s CRC Committee is recommending that members vote to accept the staff transfer and protections proposals.

Further information and a link to vote in the ballot can be found at

Members who have previously provided an email address should have received an email with a link to this website  today.

Here you will find a UNISON summary of the transfer and protection terms on this website and the following documents provided by HMPPS:

§  Information Pack: Provisions for CRC to HMPPS (NPS) and Dynamic Framework Providers (DFPs).

§  Position Upon Transfer to HMPPS(NPS)

§  Probation Reform Programme Voluntary Redundancy/Voluntary Severance Scheme and Terms to support Transition

Members are asked to read the proposals carefully.

If agreed by trade union members, these are the terms which will apply to directly employed CRC staff when they transfer, either to the National Probation Service (NPS), or to one of the Dynamic Framework Providers (DFP), on 25 June 2021. UNISON is asking you vote on whether you agree to accept these terms.

The ballot will close at midday on 5 October.


North West Regional Black Members Committee (NWRBMC) AGM


The North West Regional Black Members Committee (NWRBMC) AGM will be held on Thursday 8th October 2020 at 4.30pm

The meeting will take place by Zoom joining
details will be sent out at a later date. The agenda and notes of the previous meeting are to follow.
Please find attached the following -: NWRBMC Nomination Form 2020/21
Nominations are now open for the UNISON North West Regional Black Members
Committee positions and will close at 5PM on Friday 11th September 2020. Results
will be ratified at the Annual General Meeting on the 08th October 2020, 4.30pm to
Further detail about the timetable and process for all positions are outlined in the
attached document.
Any vacant positions after the close of the nominations can be elected to and ratified
from the floor at the AGM, where a position is contested on the day those members
concerned will be given the opportunity to address the AGM
If you are interested in a position on the committee please complete the attached form
with the relevant details and email it by return to It is your
responsibility to ensure your nomination is received by 5PM on Friday 11th
September 2020.
Any queries or further information please contact
Please circulate as widely as possible.
Kind Regards



If you wish to check your details you can also email the branch at

Greater Manchester Against Evictions

Decolonising the curriculum

Stand up to Racism Greater ManchesterRegister in advance for this meeting. It’s easy and it works. HERE
Monday 10 August 6pm

Manchester Protest for NHS pay justice

Face coverings should be worn where possible and social distancing will be observed
Piccadilly Gardens
Saturday 8 August11am – 12.30pm

School Uniform Grant

Please note there has been overwhelming demand for these grants and the There for You team is working hard to process applications. If you have already applied, please bear with us while we work through them.

In response to the growing difficulties many members on low incomes face, a programme has been put in place that will assist our most vulnerable members with the cost of purchasing school uniforms.

How much are the grants?

They are one-off grants of £50 per school age child, up to a total of £150.

Am I eligible?

To be eligible, you must meet the following:

  • You are a member and have paid 4 weeks subscriptions before 3 August (the launch date of this programme);
  • You are financially responsible for the child/children and receiving Child Benefit for them;
  • You have total combined (yourself and your partner if applicable) savings/rolling bank balance(s) of less than £1,000, and;
    • Either you receive Housing Benefit or Universal Credit
    • Or you have an annual net salary of less than £18,000 (combined salary with partner must be less than £18,000 p.a. if applicable).

What documents must I include with my application?

We cannot consider your request without the following paperwork relevant to your application:

Salary/salaries below £18,000 net – please include:

  • Most recent bank statement(s) for yourself and your partner (if applicable) for a complete month showing salary credits and Child Benefit payments.


If you receive Housing Benefit or Universal Credit, please include

  • Most recent bank statement(s) for yourself and your partner (if applicable) for a complete month showing Housing Benefit or Universal Credit payments and Child Benefit payments.

How do I apply?

Complete the online form below and upload any supporting paperwork required (we recommend you gather the supporting paperwork before starting your application as this will only take a few minutes to complete). That way you can upload the documentation at the end of the process.

For any queries, please email

Do I need my membership number?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept applications without a membership number. If you don’t have this information, please request it here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Is there anything else that may affect my application?

Applications are limited to one per household and you must not have received financial assistance from us during the previous 6 months (excluding a COVID-19 response grant).

Other important information

As this is a limited fund, we cannot guarantee you will receive a payment even if you meet the eligibility criteria. It is therefore important that you apply online as early as possible.

Please note that receipt of application will be taken as the date on which the online application together with all required supporting documents is received.

Apply now

If you do not meet the criteria for a school uniform grant but are experiencing unexpected financial hardship due to a change in circumstances, we might be able to help you in other ways. For further information:

  • Please see our There For You web pages
  • Contact your local UNISON Branch Welfare Officer. If you do not know who this is please contact UNISON Direct on 0800 0857 857.
  • There for You Support Team on 020 7121 5620 or email

2020 UNISON Service Group Elections

UNISON Service Group Elections 
The 2020 Service Group Executive election timetable was paused in order to adapt to the COVID-19 lockdown. We can now confirm that proceedings are due to be resumed and the NEC has agreed a new timetable. Voting will take place between 14 September and 9 October. The results will be published on 27 October.

The election procedures and forms are available to download from the UNISON website.

This means that the term of office for the current lay leadership of each Service Group will continue to be extended. They will remain in post until the election of the new executives has been completed. New service group executive members will take office on 1 November. 
Election procedures and forms 
Election timetable 
For any queries please email

Justice Select Committee Inquiry – UNISON member survey- Deadline 21st August

The Parliamentary Justice Committee is launching an inquiry on the future of the Probation Service.

The Committee is seeking written submissions and will take oral evidence from stakeholders on the new model for the delivery of probation services.

The Chair of the Justice Select Committee, Sir Bob Neill, said: 

“We’ll want to know if this new model will work and whether it will be capable of clearing the backlog of probation work caused by the pandemic. We’ll be asking whether private sector providers were consulted about these proposals, whether there were counter-proposals, and how the new model will supply the necessary services. 

But above all we will want to see improvements in the rehabilitation of offenders, improvements in probation service staff morale and robust protections for the public.   

In short, we want to make sure these latest reforms do not repeat the errors of the past so that the Justice Committee will, in future years, be scrutinizing a Probation Service fit for the Twenty First Century.”  

UNISON aims to submit evidence on behalf of our probation members.

Please click HERE to be directed to an online survey which we invite all probation members to complete by no later than Friday 21 August.

Or, copy and paste the following link into your browser:

By completing the survey you give permission to UNISON to use your response in our written/oral submissions to the Justice Committee. Please note that UNISON’s response will be published on the Parliamentary website. Your submission is anonymous, but when making your response please do not refer to the names of places, cases or colleagues which could identify you, or others.

Many thanks,

Interserve CRC Pay Bulletin

UNISON calls for real devolution on Northern transport

Public service union UNISON has today written to Transport for the North (TfN) board members to raise concerns about the Government’s commitment to devolution to the North.UNISON North West Regional Secretary Kevan Nelson also raised concerns for the 150 staff employed by TfN and the inexcusable way they have been drip-fed information and scapegoated for the government’s repeated failure to deliver on its own rail infrastructure promises.

UNISON is calling for elected leaders who sit on the TfN board to make a firm commitment to the future of TfN and its staff, challenge the government’s misinformation and re-assert the case for renewed investment in and devolution to the north.

In the letter, UNISON North West Regional Secretary Kevan Nelson writes: “The Department for Transport already controls every aspect of funding, oversight and delivery of transport infrastructure. It is through this model that we have seen long delays to schemes like the Transpennine rail upgrade, an investment that has universal support in the North and that would unlock and enable growth and jobs across our cities, towns and villages.

“What the North needs isn’t another committee run and directed by the government, from Whitehall, re-announcing schemes that it has already spent a decade failing to deliver. It needs real investment and real devolved powers, to create and sustain jobs in the North.

“Our members within TfN are dedicated public servants, with a deep professional and personal commitment to improve public transport across the North. To be treated in such a manner where they are drip fed information via the national media and made to be scapegoats for systemic failings entirely beyond their control is inexcusable.”

Public want NHS staff to get early and significant pay rise

A majority of the public (69%) think all NHS staff should get an early pay rise before the end of this year, according to a UNISON/Savanta ComRes poll published today (Wednesday).

The findings also highlight how two thirds (66%) of the public believe a wage increase for employees – including healthcare assistants, nurses, hospital porters, midwives, paramedics and cleaners – should be significant in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The results send a clear message to the government that there’s substantial public support for a new pay deal to be agreed now for health service workers, many of whom have risked their own safety to protect everyone else, says UNISON.

At the start of the month, UNISON and 13 other health unions – representing more than 1.3 million NHS employees across the UK – urged the Chancellor and Prime Minister to provide the funding for an early pay rise for all staff.

Health workers are currently in the final year of a three-year deal. They’re due a pay rise next April, but unions want the government to show its appreciation for NHS staff by bringing it forward to this year.

However, the government failed to commit to an early pay rise last week when wage increases for 900,000 workers elsewhere in the public sector were announced.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak also warned of restraint in future public sector pay awards in a letter to government departments.

The poll of more than 2,000 people found that almost three quarters (73%) backed an early pay rise for NHS staff between now and the end of March.

Most (69%) think it should be awarded before the end of the year, and nearly two in five (39%) believe the government should increase the pay of NHS staff immediately.

The study found that just one in ten (10%) think health workers should wait until next April for a rise. A minority (6%) believe any wage increase should be postponed until the government judges the time appropriate.

An overwhelming majority of the public (85%) believe pay should increase, including fewer than one in five (19%) who thought NHS staff should only get a small rise. This compared with nearly two in five (39%) who backed a medium increase, and more than a quarter (27%) a large one.

Commenting on the findings, UNISON head of health Sara Gorton said: “Last week was the perfect opportunity for the government to show it’s in tune with public opinion and commit to an early pay rise for NHS staff.

“It’s clear the public backs an early increase and to ignore them would be at the government’s own peril. Any attempt to deny staff a significant wage increase could rebound badly.

“A wage increase needs sorting right away so the NHS is fit to face the winter ahead and all that may bring. It would help boost the economy too, as health workers spend the extra money in their pockets locally.

“Health unions have made a clear and reasonable case – it’s down to the government to act and prove how much it values the NHS and its staff. Enough of hands together – people want to see hands in pockets, and now.”

Support for an early 2020 pay rise was highest among younger adults aged 18-34 (74%), ahead of those aged 35-54 (69%) or aged over 55 (65%).

Women are bigger backers of a significant wage rise for NHS staff, with three in ten (30%) backing a large increase as opposed to just a quarter of men (24%).

Notes to editors:
– The poll was carried out by Savanta ComRes who surveyed 2,085 UK adults between 17 and 19 July 2020. Data were weighted to be demographically representative of all UK adults. Savanta ComRes is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules. Full tables at
– A number of NHS workers are available to speak to the media including:

Karen Kearney, a bereavement officer at Liverpool Heart & Chest NHS Foundation Trust which took overspill Covid-19 cases from other hospitals. She said: “Visitors weren’t allowed so patients had to come into hospital alone. Often the last time people saw their loved ones was when they came in poorly. It was very difficult and emotional work.

“The government briefings were all about ‘we love the NHS’ and people were cheering for us. But now there’s a sense we’ve been forgotten about. An early pay rise is needed now.”

Darren Tudor-Green, a health care assistant at the Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital volunteered to look after Covid-19 patients. He said: “We’ve been willing to put our lives on hold and on the line to ensure people get the best possible care when they need it most. “The team in which I work is full of people who, even before the pandemic, put their jobs above everything else. They deserve to be recognised for that. I hope the government can see that we really are the key workers keeping the country running.”

– UNISON is the UK’s largest union, with more than 1.3 million members providing public services – in education, local government, the NHS, police service and energy. They are employed in the public, voluntary and private sectors.

National Executive Committee Report 23rd July 2020

Virtual meeting

2 minutes only allowed for each speaker who can speak only once. Mic’s will be turned off if non-compliance.

DP retirement announced, sad day for many. Will arrange an event in the future. He leaves a strong legacy making it the biggest TU in the country. Lead on equalities encouraging women activists, challenging racism etc. He leaves us in a good position moving forward.

General Secretary Election Procedures

Those wishing to stand asked to leave the meeting while this is discussed.

An amended document was presented to include legal requirements and COVID19 requirements.

Nomination meetings have to be virtual for COVID19 reasons.

Donation maximum amounts amended from up to £25.00 to up to £150.00. Records must be kept of all donations.

Forms must be completed on line, paper will not be accepted.

All hustings must be virtual unless government advice enables meetings to take place. Local lockdowns may require different rules to be applied.

Procedures and timetable agreed.

General Secretaries Report

DP Penultimate report. A was presented on the work of the union during the COVID19 lockdown.

Welfare department staffed from all sections, 2000 applications for the £250.00 grants. £250K has been paid out so far, we have even paid out for funerals of those who have lost people due to lack of funds. No other union is doing this. The NEC has already contributed £250k to the fund and we will be asking branches for more.

The union is now starting to reopen with regions, the national office and unison direct. Thanks to the unison direct team for all they did during the lockdown.

We have seen huge increase in membership, 114k in the last month. Now moving forward with TV advertising. Planning to put things in place to make us a better union. There is a plan for growth and we are looking at more social media integration. Retention is key for for the whole union. We have started raining members, 50k new members have been contacted in the last month, many calls over half an hour long.

We are in a heath crisis and our union needs to ensure we are present and visible. We are seeing the economic effects of lockdown which is now hitting local government. Many local authorities are looking at job losses, we need to protect our members. We are hearing about cuts to terms and

conditions and changes to contracts. We send a message of solidarity to Tower Hamlets who are fighting dismissal and re-engagement threats to members.

People who have been pushed into the private sector need to be brought back in house.

Spoke with all health branches in Wales, they all reported that they were exhausted, but still willing to fight for our members. We have called for a public enquiry and we are asking for evidence from our members. It must be held in public to enable our members to give account.

As we go through a general secretary election, we still have much to do for our members and we need not to be kicking each other.

We need to take account of the effect on BLM and how black people have been effected by COVID19.

National Care Service is the top of our list, Care has been treated as second class, we will be campaigning and branches and regions will be involved.

Black Lives Matter and COVID19

DP made reference to the previously published statement. We are giving evidence to the Doreen Laurence enquiry, we have written to the PM regarding their poor response. We are calling on the HSE to do something and we are discussing issues with our head of legal to see what can be done to support black workers who have been affected.

Christina McAnea to give an overview of the her paper and the work of the Bargaining Unit and the disproportionate impact the COVID has had on Black communities.

We have raised it with Public Health England and produced our own advice, we will be building on a legal campaign.

Roger McKenzie spoke about tokenism on BLM issues from politicians and councils who take a knee then do something that is detrimental to black people.

This campaign is so important to us it is essential to our union. We must ensure that branches approach employers to ensure that the guidance is followed.

SGE Elections

Elections will now be run and a new timetable has been agreed.

Date of next meeting to be arranged.

Chris Hanrahan

Maureen LeMarinel


Lighthouse Financial Advice – Telephone Surgeries

Please find attached an update on the Telephone Surgeries we are running for UNISON members

  • Financial Telephone Surgery ; The telephone surgery gives the members the opportunity to have a 30 minute complimentary consultation with a financial adviser over the phone at a convenient time to suit them.

LFA send the invite for circulation and the member contacts us to book their appointment. 

We are running them over three days to be as flexible as possible for members, allowing for home working, schooling etc.

The format will be:

Day 1;    10.00am – 12.00pm

Day 2;      2.00pm – 4.00pm

Day 3;      6.00pm – 8.00pm

If you would like a Telephone Surgery arranging or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Stay Safe.

Kind Regards


John Duffy

Regional Affinity Manager

Eastern, Midlands, North West, North Wales, East/South/West Yorks.

Lighthouse Financial Advice

T: 01778 425433

M: 07535991722

Lighthouse Financial Advice Limited is an appointed representative of Lighthouse Advisory Services Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Lighthouse Advisory Services Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lighthouse Group plc.

This e-mail is private and confidential. Access by or disclosure to anyone other than the intended recipient for any reason other than the business purpose for which the message is intended is unauthorised. This e-mail and any views or opinions contained in it are subject to any terms and conditions agreed between Lighthouse Group plc and the recipient. All reasonable precautions have been taken to ensure no viruses are present in this e-mail. Lighthouse Group plc cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage arising from the use of this e-mail. If you receive this communication in error, please notify us immediately and destroy any copies.

Lighthouse Group plc, Company Registered No: 04042743. Registered in England. Registered Address: 26 Throgmorton Street, London, EC2N 2AN.

John Duffy
Affinity Relations Manager
Lighthouse Financial Advice
Fairway House, Hunns Mere Way
Woodingdean Business Park

Phone:+44 1778 425433
Mobile:07535 991722

HMPPS Qualification Alignment

Please find attached the HMPPS consultation materials regarding alignment of qualifications to the HMPPS framework.

The qualification alignment process has been designed to manage staff who are in roles that require a probation officer qualification who do not currently have this in accordance with statutory guidance. The aim of qualification alignment process is to  ensure that all staff meet the same standards of qualification while taking into account experience and practice skills.

This primarily effects CRC Staff and it would be helpful if members could submit any comments to the Branch

by Wednesday the 12th of August .

UNISON Equality Survey 2020: £100 Free Prize Draw for completion for All Police and Justice Members

Equality is one of UNISON’s core values and since 2016 we have run an annual survey asking members about their experiences of equality and discrimination at work.

With so many UNISON members on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic, this year we want to hear from you about your experiences during the crisis. The results will be used to direct our work with government, employers and others in keeping workers safe and fighting for better conditions at work.

Your answers matter to us, so if you complete the survey and give us your email address, you will be entered into a prize draw to win up to £100 worth of shopping vouchers. This is optional and the results are confidential and anonymous. The survey will close on Sunday 9th August 2020.

Link to the survey: