NPS Guidance for extraordinary Payments

All staff Amy Rees
Director General of Probation and Wales   HM Prison and Probation Service 102 Petty France London SWIH 9AJ      
23 March 2020
HM Prison & Probation Service

Dear / Annwyl staff

Guidance for extraordinary payments during COVID-19 response period

I am writing to you today to provide you with guidance as to claims for extraordinary payment/s that are being made available to you during this unprecedented time.

Challenges will present themselves as we face decreased capacity across the country in the probation system but we need to ensure that we are prepared to meet them head on.

I acknowledge the current and future challenges that will be faced by you personally as a valued member of the National Probation Service (NPS) as we move to solidify our workforce response to COVID-19.

To recognise the fact that many of you will go above and beyond your ordinary duties we are providing additional payment/s. You provide an invaluable service to the community as an integral part of the criminal justice system, and even more so in these uncertain times. These measures are available to all staff within the NPS at the relevant grades. Please discuss how they apply in your individual circumstances with your line manager.

We anticipate you may have some further queries on this guidance and the extraordinary payments being made available, which we hope are addressed below and will be further communicated in forthcoming publications on the intranet or in writing to you directly.

I would also like to reinforce the HR guidance about staff with an underlying health condition:

Some employees might have a condition or be taking medication which means that they have a compromised immune system, for example (but not exhaustive), asthma, diabetes, heart disease. They might, therefore, be reluctant to come into contact with people who might have the coronavirus and so not wish to come into work or travel on public transport even if they are not themselves unwell.

If it is possible for these employees to work from home you should permit them to do so. Some employees, however will not be able to do their job from home. If it is not possible for the employee to work from home in these circumstances we would expect paid special leave to be given.

Managers will need to exercise discretion and discuss with an individual their particular needs.

Yours sincerely

Amy Rees

Director General of Probation and Wales

Cyfarwyddwr Cyffredinol y Gwasanaeth Prawf a Chymru, Gwasanaeth Carchardai a Phrawf EM 


Who does this relate to?

This guidance is relevant to all staff in the NPS if qualifying for specific NPS extraordinary payments.

Why are the NPS providing these additional payment/s?

As we react to the progress of COVID-19 we face the reality that some staff will need to self-isolate or take time off to deal with illness.

We will experience shortages of available staff to carry out core probation functions across the country and therefore will be asking staff that are willing and able to absorb additional work to protect the functionality and integrity of the system.

In acknowledgement of the additional burden this will place upon many of you we wish to provide additional payment/s in the attempt to ease this burden.

Are these taxed?

Like all bonuses, these extraordinary payments will be taxed in the usual way, and will paid as non-pensionable bonuses.

How do I keep track of how many hours I have worked?

We encourage you to keep track of the hours worked during this period of time. We will provide a template spreadsheet which you should complete and have your manager clear.

Further guidance will be provided in due course via the intranet on how to submit this cleared spreadsheet to SSCL to have your additional payments actioned.

Is this mandatory?

No. It will not be mandatory for you to take on additional work during these times.

But we do hope that if you are willing and able to assist during this unprecedented time that these payment/s are representative of the additional work you take on to ensure the proper functioning of the probation system and the security of those that it seeks to help and protect. 

What if I have more questions?

Please direct any further questions you have to the People Group COVID-19 team which has been formed to deal with queries.

The team can be contacted at this address:  

You may also wish to speak to your manager for further support and guidance.

Further guidance will be provided in the coming days on the intranet and in writing if necessary.

Guidance matrix for extraordinary payments




UCU solidarity social This Thursday 5th March at English Lounge

UCU members at the University of Manchester are taking 14 more strike days in their dispute over pay, casualisation, pay inequality, pensions and workload.

Come and join the solidarity social from 6pm onwards at the English Lounge, High St

– bring collections, donations, messages of support etc.

There’s an appeal for support leaflet at
And a collection sheet at

For more information about the dispute see:

Karen Reissmann

Your chance to shape the biggest event of the 2020 Greater Manchester Mayoral election

Thanks to those who attended our screening of Sorry We Missed You. The film is incredibly powerful and definitely got us thinking about how we can tackle low pay, insecure work and poverty in Greater Manchester.


We are now in the midst of planning Greater Manchester Citizens Mayoral Assembly event, which will take place on Thursday 30 April from 6-8.30pm at Holy Name Church, M13 9PG. This is Citizens’ showpiece event and will also be the most significant moment in the Mayoral election campaign. Please put this date in your diary and begin mobilising attendance from your branch. Eventbrite link to follow.

In 2017, UNISON’s Greater Manchester branches played a significant role in a huge, vibrant and powerful event. Now is your chance to get involved in Greater Manchester’s second ever mayoral assembly. The next Mayoral Assembly planning meeting will take place on Tuesday 3 March from 6-8pm at Arena Point, M3 1UN. Here we will be discussing the three topics we will be taking to the mayoral candidates (Fair work/combating child poverty, clean air/better public transport and mental health/improving support services.) We will be getting together 

UNISON Money Talk

Addaction members strike action

Addaction members in Wigan and Leigh will begin a period of 5 days strike action from Thursday 27th February ending Wednesday 4th March

2 Picket lines will be held on 27th, 28th Feb and 2nd, 3rd March from 8 am till 12 noon at Coops Building, King Street West, Wigan and  at Kennedy House, Brunswik Street, Leigh

On 4th March a picket line will be in place from 12 noon till 4 pm at the Coops Building in Wigan only

We would also like to invite you to attend a rally in support of the strikers which is being held in advance of the Wigan Council meeting, which will be held on 4th March at 4.30 pm in the area between between Wigan Life Centre and Wigan Town Hall in the Town Centre.  Please let me know y return of email  if you would like to address the rally with messages of support, or send a message that can be conveyed to the striking workers

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information

Best Wishes

Lizanne Devonport

Disputes Team Lead

UNISON North West

0161 831 1624

UCU Members Strike Support

Dear comrades,

UCU members at the University of Manchester need your support. After eight strike days last year they have started fourteen more. They are fighting for job security, reasonable workloads, decent pay and pensions, and against casualisation and pay inequality on gender and race. Many University staff are on badly paid temporary contracts for fewer hours than the work requires. Many are forced to take other work. Properly paid, secure jobs with achievable workloads are essential for the quality of education.

The remaining strike days are 24-26 February, 2-5 and 9-13 March. Send messages of support to or tweet @UM_UCU.

The local hardship fund is: 
Account name: UCU University of Manchester
Sort code:  60-83-01
Account Number:  20392565
Reference: Hardship Fund

In solidarity
Ian Allinson
President – Manchester Trades Union Council
07985 438 553 email is from Manchester TUC. Find us
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Manchester May Day Planning

Manchester Trades Council is looking to break new ground with this year’s May Day Festival.  We’re moving out of the Mechanics and into Cathedral Gardens, linking up with Salford Trades Council on its march and providing a mix of music and trade unionism, along with our usual stalls, a beer tent and a live performance from Banner Theatre. The event will take place on Saturday 2nd May.

We’d love everyone in the movement to be involved and we’re looking for ideas, volunteers, as well as the usual donations we need to keep the event going.

Please come and join us on Wednesday 26th February at 7pm at the Mechanics Institute to help us finalise our plan to make this year’s May Day Festival a bit different but better than ever.

We look forward to seeing you on the 26th if you can make it.

CRC Freedom of Information Requests: Unpaid Work

Please find attached the text of an FOI request relating to information about unpaid work beneficiaries which UNISON is planning to send to the MOJ in support of our on-going submission to the International Labour Organisation (ILO) that the privatisation of UPW is in breach of the ILO’s Forced Labour Convention.

The MOJ prohibits CRCs from answering FOI requests, so all requests have to be routed to the MOJ which will then contact each CRC for the information requested.

The focus for the questions relates to the prohibition under the ILO convention for UPW to be provided to any private sector beneficiaries.

Data Access & Compliance Unit

Information Directorate

Post point 10.34

102 Petty France

London SW1H 9AJ

21 January 2020

Dear Sir/Madam

Freedom of Information Request: Community Rehabilitation Company Contracts

I am writing to request the following information under the Freedom of Information Act.

Please provide answers to the following questions for the ………………………………Community Rehabilitation Company :

1. Has the CRC provided unpaid work labour to any Housing Associations? If yes, please confirm the names of each Housing Association provided with unpaid work labour.

2. Has the CRC provided unpaid work labour to any General Medical Practitioner Partnerships? If yes, please confirm the names of each General Medical Practitioner Partnership provided with unpaid work labour.

3. Has the CRC provided unpaid work labour to any Private Sector Care Homes? If yes, please confirm the names of each Private Sector Care Home provided with unpaid work labour.

4. Has the CRC provided unpaid work labour to any Private Sector Children’s Nurseries? If yes, please confirm the names of each Private Sector Children’s Nursery provided with unpaid work labour.

5. Has the CRC provided unpaid work labour to any Private Sector Sheltered Accomodation? If yes, please confirm the names of each Private Sector Sheltered Accomodation facility provided with unpaid work labour.

6. Has the CRC provided unpaid work labour to any Privately Operated Cemeteries? If yes, please confirm the names of each Privately Operated Cemetery provided with unpaid work labour.

I understand that under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act, you are required to provide me with this information within 20 working days of receipt of this letter.

Yours sincerely

Ben Priestley

National Officer

Consultation on Senior Management Structure for new NPS Regions

If you have any feedback please email to unison by Monday the 10th of February.

FREE – Ken Loach film showing

Hi all,

Just a brief reminder that we are holding a free film screening of “Sorry We Missed You”, Ken Loach new film – Wednesday 5th Feb, 6 for 6.30pm start, Room 103, Arena Point, 1 Hunts Bank, Manchester, M3 1UN.
This screening aims to tie in with UNISON NW’s work with Greater Manchester Citizens. UNISON NW is leading on developing GM Citizens’ Fair Work agenda. It will be an opportunity to bring us together socially and launch some more detailed work in the build up to GMC’s Mayoral Assembly event on 30 April.

Please share this information with your branch membership where possible.

This screening is open to all members of Greater Manchester UNISON branches.




CASH PRIZES OF £250, £150 x 2, £50 x 10 at each AGM!


Dear Unison Member,

It has been another busy year for us all and it doesn’t seem 2 minutes since the last AGM. You are invited to the AGM, come and meet us and let us know your views, concerns and seek answers to your questions.

Nomination form for officer roles/stewards is attached. If you would like further info please contact the branch via email

We are also continuing with the raffle prizes, each AGM will have a main prize with two 2nd prizes and 10 3rd prizes. We will also provide some freebies for everyone. Refreshments will be provided.

We look forward to seeing at one of these events.

Steve Buckley Zoe Todd

Branch Chair Branch Secretary

Preston – Gujerat Centre, South Meadow Lane, PR1 8JN 18th March 2020

Manchester – Arena Point , 1 Hunts Bank, M3 1UN 19th March 2020

Meetings commence at 5.30pm. Note you can attend only one of these meetings. For all branch updates look on our website

Please could you complete the attached slip so we know whether you are attending or not, then we can order enough food for us all!


I will/will not be attending the AGM at Preston/Manchester (delete as necessary)




——————————————————————————————————————–Email to or post to Unison, 87 Moss Lane West, Manchester M15 5PE


Hospital workers in Blackpool and St Helens emerge victorious in strikes over equal pay

UNISON and private company Compass, which employs cleaners, caterers, porters, security and reception staff at Blackpool and St Helens Hospitals, have reached an agreement to end the long-running dispute over wages and sick pay. 

Before the settlement Compass employees were on the national minimum wage (£8.21 per hour), while colleagues employed directly by the NHS were earning at least £9.03. This meant Compass staff were losing out to the tune of around £1,500 a year.

Staff were understandably angry that they weren’t receiving the same pay and benefits as NHS colleagues often doing similar jobs. Following the vote for industrial action in July, the Compass staff went out on strike for a total of 14 days.

The UNISON brokered deals – voted for by 89% of the domestics at Blackpool and 75% of staff in St Helens – means they’ll now receive a significant pay rise, more money for working weekends and bank holidays and an improved sick pay scheme.

UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis said: “Christmas will be even more special for these staff who’ve been battling for months to be treated fairly. There can be no justification for creating a divisive two-tier health service.

“The big winners from the settlement will be staff and patients, who’ll be pleased to learn that Compass has put people before profits.”

UNISON North West regional organiser Pat Woolham said: “This substantial pay rise will make a huge difference to the families of these dedicated hospital workers. The positive end to this campaign shows what can be achieved when unions and employers work together.  

“It’s been a tough dispute but we look forward to working with Compass in the future for the benefit of patients and staff in Blackpool and St Helens.”

2020 UNISON Diaries and Calendars

We will be sending these out shortly with AGM notices. We would like to wish you well for the festive season and the new year.

We will continue to work locally, regionally and nationally to protect your terms and conditons and support members throughout 2020. Please ensure you check this website regularly for consultations and news updates.


Zoe Todd Branch Secretary

Steve Buckley Branch Chair

NPS Pay Consultation

Please vote on this link

Support UCU members at the University of Manchester striking for 8 days

UCU members at the University of Manchester are part of the national 60-university strike from Monday-Friday this week and Monday-Wednesday next week. Please give them your support.
Details of the UCU national strike fund are here: local hardship fund is: Bank: Unity Trust
Account: UCU University of Manchester
Sort code: 60-83-01
Account Number 50510715
Reference: Hardship Fund
Most buildings will have pickets from 7:30-8am until 10:30am. The biggest buildings are AMBS, Arthur Lewis, Uni Pace, Sackville, Sam Alex, Simon and Michael Smith. Additional plans include:

  • You can follow the local UCU branch for updates on strike plans on Twitter @UM_UCU and send them messages of support, solidarity photos etc. You can also contact them via