Bolton Council Public Consultation

Bolton Council have announced in excess of 38 million in cuts to their budget for 2021.This is the largest, pro rata to budget, that any council has set in the North West and it is to be done over just 1 year. This is an unprecedented move, 15million of this will be COVID cost pressures.
The enormity of such cuts, on jobs and the services in which are provided to the residents of Bolton at a time when we are being ravaged with a worldwide killer virus, simply put is unacceptable.
Bolton Council has already, under a Tory Government seen £160 million cut from its grants with job losses of over 1600 over the last ten years of the governments ‘Austerity’ programme. A programme that people have begun to realise, was never about austerity but about where the government choose to spend its money. This has become painfully clear, during the COVID pandemic. The myth, that there is no money, and if it is spent, we will be forever in debt has been blown wide open, with government contracts given out worth billions of £’s to private contractors with little or no return.
Can you imagine a UK, if the politicians had said after World War 2, we cannot spend ourselves out of this devastation? There would be no NHS, No council houses, no free education service.
It is time to demand, that we do not pay for the COVID crisis and we will not stand by while further cuts to services are made, we have last too much over the last ten years.Lets make our voices heard to this council, that we the people of Bolton have a simple message.
Bolton says, ‘no more council cuts’, Boris Johnson, do as you promise, Level up, not down !Each budget cycle the council run a ‘PUBLIC CONSULTATION’ and undertake a survey. I can tell you that there is never a good take up and the council see it as a green light to continue with their proposals.THIS YEAR PLEASE MAKE A DIFFERNCE, PLEASE TAKE 3-5 MINUTES TO COMPLETE THE SURVEY.

Where it asks what cuts you would prefer, let’s be brutally honest and tell the council we don’t want to see job losses, loss of terms and conditions OR a loss of services!! WE demand proper funding for our essential council services!

 Budget Consultation 2021-2023 – Bolton Council