Ex Capita Enforcement Officer Harmonisation Offer URGENT Update!

UNISON has had further clarification from the NPS regarding our questions over the harmonisation offer given to ex-Capita enforcement officers. The deadline for accepting the harmonisation offer in order to get paid in February is today, but staff accepting the offer after today will be paid in March.

UNISON was seeking to clarify whether the pay progression element of the offer was correct. We were particularly interested to find out whether there were any ex-Capita enforcement officers who received notification of their E3 posting and salary changes before 1 October 2016. This is because any staff who were notified of their E3 posting prior to 1 October 2016 may be entitled to additional incremental progression in the pay harmonisation offer.

The NPS has confirmed that no ex-Capita enforcement officers were notified of their E3 posting, or salary changes before 1 April 2017.

If this information is correct, then UNISON believes that the pay harmonisation offer is correct as far as we have been able to ascertain.

Members wishing to accept the offer are therefore advised that UNISON can see no reason that they should not go ahead and accept.

Please let Ben Priestley, National Officer, know if you were notified of your E3 posting and salary changes prior to 1 October 2016 as we can find out whether you are may be entitled to any additional money.

Please let me have any questions on this bulletin.