10TH OCTOBER 2018 –
12.00 – 3.00 pm at Reformers Tree, Hyde Park.
3.30 – 6.00 pm at Parliament Square.
The Waspi Campaign, Back to 60, We Paid In, You Paid Out and other Women’s pension groups
will join together ‘Shoulder to Shoulder’ as #OneVoice “to hold the direction” for the forthcoming
National Rally on the 10th October in London in a joint endeavour to secure back their earned dues.
Besides an open invitation to the public/loyal supporters all women affected by the changes in
Pension Provision are invited to attend.
Together they share the opinion that the implementation and tapering of the State Pension changes
are wholly unacceptable.
We refuse any longer to be divided and ruled by those unfairly keeping our National Insurance
Contributions from us.
Speakers: Speakers at the SHOULDER TO SHOULDER #onevoice Rally are key figures in the political
and legal dispute, including David Hencke, Yvette Greenway, Sam Smethers, Helen Shay and Frances
Barber, and others TBC will call for an end to the injustice.
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Joanne Welch
Campaign Director
‘We Paid In, You Paid Out’
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