The Association of Greater Manchester Trades Councils is to organise a solidarity action with the people of Grenfell at 6:30 pm on 14th February, to coincide with the march that the people of Grenfell undertake on the 14th of each and every month.

The objective of the action is to show our support for those affected by the fire; offer them our solidarity and to show our commitment to ensuring that this tragedy will not be forgotten.

One of the wider objectives is to prompt similar actions in many cities and towns on the 1stanniversary of the tragedy, the 14th June 2018, though this is for others to organise.

It was agreed that that action at 6:30 pm on 14th February would consist of 71 people (it would be great if they represented 71 organisations) carrying placards of those who died and marching silently in single file from Boots, Market St to Piccadilly gardens where a PA system will be set up.

Kevan Nelson has confirmed he will attend; along with 2 Grenfell residents Joe Delaney and Jacqui Haynes and we are seeking a prominent member of the FBU to speak along with a celebrity

I write to ask you if you or a member of your group are able to carry a placard?

If you can think of any other suitable groups let me know


07752 213 514