MayMonitor: A new campaign to track progress of Theresa May’s government

Theresa May became Prime Minister promising ‘a country that works for everyone’. She committed to fight the ‘burning injustice of inequality’, to support those who are ‘just managing’ but find life hard and to prioritise ‘ordinary working class families’ over the wealthy few.

As Parliament returns from the summer recess the Women’s Budget Group launches the #MayMonitor – an on-going project to track the actions of May’s Government and highlight whether they will help meet these promises.

The Women’s Budget Group will be monitoring Government progress on four of Theresa May’s promises using the following scorecard:

  • A country that works for everyone
  • Getting tough on corporate irresponsibility
  • An economy that works for everyone
  • The Government I lead will be driven not by the interests of the privileged few, but by yours

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