Debtline support

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Dealing with debt

Debt can cause a great deal of stress in your life. A small change in circumstances can turn a manageable situation into a debt problem that threatens your home or your family’s wellbeing.

UNISON’s Debtline service is available to all our members to help you manage money and deal with debt. We offer free confidential advice to help you clear your debts.

Debtline can help you deal with:

• credit card debt;
• mortgage arrears;
• home repossession;
• county court judgment claims.

Taking action

Our Debtline service is provided by debt management experts, Payplan. Using this service you get:

• immediate advice;
• a debt management plan to suit your circumstances;
• a case officer to advise you throughout your repayment programme and negotiate with your creditors;
• a reduction of multiple debt repayments into a single, affordable monthly repayment;
• a choice of payment methods
• free and confidential service with no hidden charges.

You can also choose to use the free online Payplan tools to help you come up with your own plan.

Read more about Payplan tools.

Payplan’s advisers are aware of the financial support that There for You can offer and will refer you to us if they think we can help you.

Read more about There for you financial help.

Contact Debtline

Call the UNISON Welfare Debtline
freephone 0800 389 3302

Help with debt is just one of the benefits of joining UNISON.

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