Use your vote

NWPC logoi ii

Members will be too aware that the employer steadfastly refused to enter into meaningful pay negotiations throughout 2014 and made a pay award of 1 incremental point to our members in both NPS and CRC’s.  It is important to point out that that 1 incremental point is a contractual entitlement and in the previous year we were awarded 1 incremental point plus 1%, in effect a 2% pay award.

This is against a backdrop of our wages falling year on year in real terms, for some of our members this means that the buying power of their wages is up to 16% below their 2008 buying power.

Mindful of this erosion in our terms and conditions and in response to calls from our members we undertook an indicative ballot which showed 96% of our members rejected the 2014 pay award and were prepared to take action up to and including strike action to improve it.

Acknowledging our members wishes the following timetable for the Probation Pay Ballot was issued:

Wednesday 22 April                         Ballot notice issued to employers

  • Friday 1 May                               Ballot papers to be despatched to members addresses
  • Friday 8 May                              Ballot helpline opens (0800 0 857 857)
  • 10am Friday,15 May             Ballot helpline closes
  • Wednesday 20 May               Ballot closes

We will have a schedule of meetings which are open to both NPS and CRC members

At these meetings we will be discussing the 2014 pay award and our pay claim for 2015 which was due on the 1st April!