NWPC logoi ii
All members will have received ballot papers by post with the November UMagazine to vote on whether or not UNISON can continue to politically campaign.     This ballot is a legal requirement every ten years, courtesy of Thatcher, and if there is a ‘no’ vote, most of our current campaigning activity will no longer be possible.   It is therefore critical that all branches are discussing this and urging members to vote yes to prevent our union being gagged.  

Importantly, there is just one choice, Yes we can politically campaign or No we can’t.  Unfortunately, the ballot paper will be in legalese so we need to push a Yes vote.  UNISON’s ballot opens on 1 November and closes on 30 November.
Remember, this is not about GPF or APF, it is about our whole political fund.  Individuals will retain a choice if they vote yes (there will be no choice to have if they vote No).  However, it is an opportunity to remind  members why we need to be political, and why our job does not stop at the workplace door.

if you have not received your ballot paper by 10 November please call 0800 0 857 857