ICT to be outsourced?

UNISON has been in touch with NOMS to seek clarification over apparent plans to hand over all ICT help-desk work to a new company called Lockheed-Martin on 1 June 2014. If confirmed, this will mean that all NPS and CRC staff would have to ring Lockheed Martin for any ICT advice following the transfer to NPS or CRCs.



We have raised the following set of questions with NOMS. Branches and representatives are advised to raise the same questions with Trusts locally. UNISON is particularly concerned to establish what impact the proposed contract will have on existing Trust ICT staff.



Here are the questions that we have asked NOMS:


·         What ICT services for NPS and CRCs will be outsourced after 1 June 2014?


·         When was the contract for these services first advertised/OJEU notice published?


·         When was Lockheed-Martin appointed as the preferred bidder?


·         When will the Lockheed-Martin contract commence?


·         What services are in scope of the Lockheed-Martin contract?


·         What due diligence has NOMS/MOJ carried out regarding Probation Trust staff potentially in scope of a TUPE transfer to Lockheed-Martin?


·         What are your plans to consult with recognised trade unions over the potential for TUPE transfers?