Prisoner bleeds to death after being refused medical attention


Jaime Humberto Aroca Ducuara, a political prisoner in the city of Villavicencio, died on 22 February after he was refused medical attention and the pleas of his fellow inmates were ignored.

From late January, the sub-contractor responsible for providing medical assistance to the prisoners, CAPRECOM, withdrew its service from the prison without any other arrangement being introduced. From early in the morning Mr. Aroca complained of serious pains in the chest and leg. He was unable to leave his cell. Whilst his inmates notified the guards, they refused to respond in any way, let alone send a nurse or doctor neither of which are situated in the prison. By night time, Mr. Aroca was coughing up blood and by the early hours of the morning he passed away.

Human rights organisations are calling on the state authorities to investigate the death of Mr. Aroca and ensure that all prisoners are provided with the necessary medical attention.