Latest NNC circular

The NNC circular confirming the latest position on the draft NNC Staff Transfer and Protections Agreement is on the Privatisation page of our website.

UNISON consulted members over the draft agreement during the 28 consultation period called by the Justice Secretary Chris GraylinG4s. We took the results of this consultation into NNC talks which took place this week on 22 and 23 October.

As the NNC circular makes clear,  some progress was made in these talks and we are nearer reaching agreement than was previously the case. However, there remain a number of outstanding issues which have yet to be resolved, which are listed in the NNC circular. Our expectation is therefore that talks will continue on 31 October and 4 November.

In light of this, the NNC circular makes clear that Trusts should not commence any work on splitting the workforce into National Probation Service (NPS) or Community Rehabilitation Company (CRC) staff until the National Agreement has been finally ratified and Trusts advised of the outcome. Neither UNISON branches/activists, nor individual members, should therefore expect any approach yet from their Trust in relation to consultation over the staffing split. Any attempt to initiate such action at Trust level should be reported to the branch office as a matter of urgency.