Tony Lloyd, putting profit ahead of justice is wrong

Tony Lloyd

Tony Lloyd, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Greater Manchester, hosted a public meeting in Bolton’s Town Hall  and was questioned about the GraylinG4S plan to reform the delivery of a Probation Service by privatisation via 16 lots.

The Communications Officer for the Northwest Probation and CAFCASS Branch asked.  “What impact will the delivery of Probation Services by the Private Sector have on rehabilitation?”

The Commissioner explained to the assembled audience that the service was to be put out to tender to private companies such as G4S.

He went on to say that “it ought to worry people to see the Break up of Probation.  Having Probation working Hand in Glove with the Police and other public agencies is very important.  Breaking up these partnerships is quite risky, putting profit ahead of justice is wrong, I hope we can persuade the Government to think again”