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NHS Birthday Party

Grenfell Never Again: Keep our buildings safe

On 14 June 2017, the fire at Grenfell Tower claimed the lives of 72
people and devastated a close-knit community in the heart of

Two years on, the bereaved, survivors and residents are still waiting for
justice and two years on we are still waiting for the lessons from that day to be learned, and acted upon to safeguard all our communities.

Can you help call on the government for action?

Working with the Daily Mirror and Grenfell campaigners, the Fire
Brigades Union are calling on Communities Secretary James Brokenshire
to take five key steps:

1. Remove remaining inflammable cladding from 2,000 tower blocks and public buildings.
2. Retrofit sprinklers in high rises and schools. 
3. Ensure tenants get a real voice in the running and upkeep of their
4. Reverse cuts to firefighter numbers and Fire Safety Officers.
5. Create a new independent body to oversee standards in fire service
across the country. 
Sign the Petition
James Brokenshire needs to listen and act on the demands of Grenfell
campaigners and the Fire Brigades Union.

These five steps are achievable if there is political will to do so and would make a huge difference in ensuring a fire like the Grenfell Tower tragedy never happens again.

Thanks for all your support,
Anthony, Going to Work

PS Once you’ve signed please share the petition with your friends & family:

Disability Awareness Day – 14th July

Action Mesothelioma Day

Free Accidental Death Insurance

Nae Pasaran – 28th June- FREE!

UNISON North West LGBT+ Group Training Day

NW UAF/SUTR Regional Conference, 23rd June 2019

Nursery Schools Funding Petition

Can you please sign the petition and circulate as widely as possible. Thanks.

Grenfell 2 years on, No Homes, No Answers, No Justice Friday 14th June 2019

Peterloo – March for Democracy


Golf 2019 Northenden

NW UNISON Golf Registration Sheet 2019

AP News/Job Re-evaluation

Dear Unison AP member

Hopefully the attached documents are self explanatory. Unison has made representations to the NPS that we want a range of roles, changed/introduced via E3, to be re-evaluated as allowed under the JE scheme.
We are beginning with the AP Residential Officer Worker role (Band 2) so would ask that if this is your role you follow the instruction to review the JD attached and submit any evidence in terms of enhanced/changed responsiblities. You can submit this either via return email or hard copy to the branch office below. We will collate your reponses and sumbit to our national office 
Other AP members will be communicated with in due course in respect of their roles


Vance Butterworth

Admin Officer (Part Time – T/W/T)
UNISON NW Probation & CAFCASS Branch
C/o Moss Side Probation Office
87 Moss Lane West
Moss Side
M15 5PE

Tel: 07902 792741
Not in a Union – join UNISON at or contact us as above

Tommy Robinson Counter Demonstration

European Elections – Stop the Fascist

Dear Members,

NW Unison is encouraging people to use their vote on May 23rd to stop the fascist Tommy Robinson becoming an MEP in the North West.

The PR system in the EU elections means he only need a small percentage of the vote to win seats

That’s why we’re supporting Stand up to Racism & Unite against Fascism’s campaign to get the maximum vote out against Tommy Robinson.

We need a big turnout and every vote counts. So we’re asking for your help to make this campaign reach as many people as possible. 

Do something in your workplace:

Get together with colleagues

leaflet your workmates,

leaflet the local community

take a collection, donate to the Campaign 

take selfies to show active supportand share pictures and events on social media with the unions’ hashtag, along with 




Standing up to the Empire


16 May 2019


Today the government has announced that all offender management work currently carried out by the CRCs will return to the public sector when the CRC contracts come to an end in the spring of 2021.  The CRC contracts were due to come to an end in December 2020, but have been extended to allow for the government’s plans for probation to be put in place.

But unpaid work, accredited programmes and other rehabilitative interventions and resettlement services, currently provided by the CRCs, will not transfer to the NPS. They will be offered to the private and voluntary sector in a new bidding process.

This is the same model of delivery which has already been proposed for Wales and which is already being put into place in that country.


Today’s announcement is an admission at last from the government that Chris Grayling’s botched TR reforms have failed. No one in the world of probation believed that TR would ever work, and so it proved right from the start. It is shameful that it took four and half years of pain, aggravation and heartbreak before Ministers acted. Probation has been broken and it will take a long time, and a lot of money, to fix.

The plans are a step in the right direction, because they do bring most CRC work back into the public sector, but they are also flawed in a number of key respects:

  • Unpaid work, programmes and interventions are to stay out in the private/voluntary sector. Many CRCs have struggled to provide these services and there is little evidence that a market exists to deliver them. UNISON wants all this work to come into the NPS. Probation needs to be re-unified; it cannot work if the split in delivery carries on into the future. We will campaign for full re-unification.
  • The National Probation Service has yet to prove itself. Working for the NPS has not always been a happy experience for many staff and Probation has been the poor relation to the Prison Service inside HMPPS. In particular the NPS has:
    • forced a one-size fits all probation model across England and Wales
    • downgraded key occupations such as victim liaison officers, residential workers, business managers, enforcement officers etc
    • suffered from on-going big staff shortages in key operational areas
    • 1,000 agency staff to deliver work it cannot recruit into
    • privatised night waking cover in approved premises with disastrous consequences
    • put prison governors in charge of probation officers in prison
    • not been able to pay staff properly since it was created as a result of its privatised payroll provider getting things wrong on an on-going basis

UNISON has had its work cut out in representing members in the NPS and the organisation is going to have to improve considerably if it is to succeed in taking on all offender management work from the CRCs.

  • UNISON’s ‘Let’s Fix Probation’ campaign argues that all probation work should be brought back under public ownership, not as part of the NPS, but via the   re-creation of Local Probation Services under local democratic control and local management. We will continue to make this case. Probation can only function properly as a unified and local service, delivered and managed in the public sector, free from the interference of the MOJ, or HMPPS.

Chris Grayling’s botched TR reforms show that Probation is just not safe in MoJ hands.

For our members, dedicated and hard working staff, today’s announcement means even more change on top of what have been the most difficult years in Probation history. More than anything UNISON hopes that the government has learnt that there is a real human cost to their experimenting.  Listening to practitioners and service users will be more important than ever as we move to the next set of reforms.


Today’s announcement means that there is going to be further upheaval and change in the Probation Service. At a time like this you need a strong union to look after your job security and pay and conditions.

UNISON has already submitted a new Staff Transfer and Protections Agreement to the NPS to protect both CRC and NPS staff interests in the big changes to come. UNISON’s aim is to protect your job and your livelihood in the transfer processes which will result from the government announcement. If you are not already a trade union member in the CRCs or in the NPS, now is the time to join UNISON.

School Uniform Grant 2019

Get help with the cost of school uniforms

Families living on low incomes with children struggle constantly to make ends meet – and this can be particularly acute before the new school year begins when the extra costs hit hard.

But it’s not all bad news – help IS available. The union’s welfare charity There for You has once more set up a limited fund to help members on low incomes towards the costs of school uniform through a one-off payment of £40.

The process is very similar to previous years and an amount of money has been ring-fenced to support this initiative. However, once it’s gone it’s gone! 

So don’t miss out. Apply early and send your form and supporting paperwork in as soon as possible. All the information you need can be found below. Alternatively, contact UNISON Direct on 0800 0857 857 for a form to be sent to you. 

Just one more thing please don’t keep details of this grant a secret.  Help us to help even more members and let your work colleagues know that help is at hand. There will be many, like you, worrying about how they will be able to afford uniforms to send their children back to school in the Autumn. 

Completed applications need to be sent to There for You, UNISON Centre, 130 Euston Road, London, NW1 2AY by Friday 19 July 2019 at the latest.