G4S Prison, Oakwood, drugs easier to get than soap.

G$S Prison


HMP Oakwood, a category C jail, came under fire in July when it was one of two private prisons to receive the Ministry of Justice’s lowest rating.   At the time, the Howard League  for Penal Reform described it as a “damning indictment” of the role of private firms in justice.

The UK’s largest privately-run prison is failing to tackle drugs, which inmates say are now easier to obtain than soap, a report reveals.

Chief Inspector of Prisons, Nick Hardwick, said the findings on HMP Oakwood, near Wolverhampton, were “unquestionably concerning”.

One in seven prisoners said they had developed a drug problem while at the prison, the report found.

Operator G4S said it had already taken steps to tackle the problems.

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GraylinG4s offers staff handy guidance


The Northwest Probation and CAFCASS branch consider GraylinG4s proposals to privatise probations trusts via Lots to be ill thought out and lacking any other intention than to line the pockets of selected multinationals whilst undermining over 100 years of rehabilitation.

One of the main claims of the minister is that the risk will be transferred from the public to the private sector.  Yet does he seriously believe that when it goes wrong, like the Failing IT and Facilities Management contracts, that the Public sector will not be left to pick up the tab?

Members need look no further than the transfer of Community Payback in London, where of the 300 staff transfered 100 have since been made redundant.

GraylinG4s, The King of Cuts is coming to town

Mockery of Justice

The Conservatives have their conference in Manchester on the 29th September.  Join other branch members in giving the Tories the welcome they deserve,

It is vital that people protest against the Tories and their self serving cuts, and whilst fighting cuts will not guarantee that they will be stopped, not fighting them will guarantee that they will carry on

The Assembly point for the march is on Liverpool Road at the junction with Deansgate. This will be marked and the form up order will be communicated once finalised. We are asking the march to assemble from 11am onwards. We will move off at 12:30pm.

email info@nwpc.org.uk to get involved

GraylinG4s calls police over Serco prison escort fraud claims

Mockery of Justice

The government has called in police to investigate claims of fraud involving the prisoner transfers contract held by security firm Serco.

The alleged fraud relates to management of the £285m prison escorting contract with the Ministry of Justice (MoJ).  Serco found evidence prisoners had been recorded as having been delivered ready for court when they were not, it said.

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Privatising probation service will put public at risk, officials tell Grayling

Mockery of Justice

The justice secretary, Chri$ GraylinG4s, has been warned by his most senior officials that plans to privatise 70% of the probation service lack support, are being pushed through on an aggressive timetable and potentially endanger public safety, leaked documents show.

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Police and Crime Commissioner critical of GraylinG4s plans

Tony Lloyd

Tony Lloyd again attacks GraylinG4s plans

“The lack of detail in the plans and the national contracting framework will put this at risk and is why I do not support these plans, and have called for Greater Manchester to be exempted from the contract area proposals.”


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