Act quickly to Stop Clause 62 – Write To Your MP Now

In March, UNISON was successful in influencing the House of Lords decision to remove clause 62 of the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (ERR) Bill. This clause would have made it harder for an employee to claim compensation for injuries sustained at work.

However, the amendments by the House of Lords will now be considered by the House of Commons on 16 April 2013. The House of Commons could decide to ignore the House of Lords’ recommendation and instead reinsert clause 62 and press on regardless.

To ensure that the House of Commons do not ignore the House of Lords’ recommendations, write to your MP and tell them why you want them to vote to remove clause 62 from the ERR Bill.

To write to your MP, click on the above link, enter your post code, and select your MP. You can copy and paste text from our model email to help you to write your own email about why your MP should vote to remove clause 62 of the ERR Bill.

For further information about clause 62 see UNISON’s briefing written for the House of Lords.