Are you 30 or under, if so read on

As UNISON members aged 30 and under, you are invited to UNISON North West’s Annual General Meeting at 7pm on Thursday 7th of September, Arena Point – 1 Hunts Bank, Manchester, M3 1UN. 

We will hear from Guest speaker Nigel Flanagan- who authors his book ‘Our Trade Unions.’ He is a long-time trade union organiser whose career has taken him as a union militant strike leader, full time organiser and activist to diverse corners of the global labour market brings his experience to bear on the new possibilities that exist for strengthening the trade union movement.

We will also be electing the following positions:

  • Co-Chairs,
  • Membership Officer
  • Communications Officer
  • Political Officer
  • Regional Council Delegates (x2)
  • Regional Committee Delegate
  • National Youth Forum representatives (x2)

For more information on the positions please see the Document attached.

There will be Pizza & refreshments there and we really look forward to seeing everyone! If you would like to run for any of the above positions please contact with a brief statement on why you would like to run by the 04.09.2023-

If you want any further information please contact, &

We look forward to seeing everyone there!!

Micaela & Sam