RE: Probation £1500 – SSCL Issue – Message from Unison National Officer


You will be aware by now I imagine that SSCL have not been able to pay some staff the £1500 payment in the July payroll. It is not clear how many staff have not had the payment as promised?

Please see below from Employee Relations, which I presume has now been circulated by RPDs.

The workaround is that there will be a separate one-off salary advance paid on 31 July to staff who have not been paid the £1500 this week.

Any questions, just let me know.

This e-mail has been sent to branches with Probation members and to Probation Committee members.



Dear all,

Pay and Reward colleagues have asked me to share the below communication which will shortly go out to RPDs. We are conscious that many of you have been fielding queries from members during the course of the day. On behalf of HMPPS, my apologies for the inconvenience this will have caused you and our thanks for bringing the concerns to our attention.

If there are any queries regarding the below, my colleague Steve Mornington, will be happy to answer them,

The below refers,

Kind regards, Francis

Re: £1,500 payment to eligible Probation staff

The £1,500 payments have been made to Probation Service staff in July in salary, however, there have been a number of staff who have not received the payment as planned. Emergency calls have taken place with SSCL to understand the issue and who is affected. SSCL have given assurance that all eligible staff will receive the payment and all of those affected will be contacted by SSCL by close of business today.

The payment will be issued on Monday 31st July, this is the communication that staff will receive from SSCL:

Subject: Cost of Living Payment – YOUR JULY 2023 PAY Employee Number: XXXXX Dear XXXXX, I am writing to advise you that an error has been identified in your August pay regarding the Cost of Living Payment. We can confirm you are eligible for payment however payment was not applied to your record and therefore will not appear on your July 2023 payslip. We have now correctly applied the Cost of Living payment to your record and issued a separate payment on 31st July 2023; you will see this payment in your bank account in addition to your standard payment. This payment will be made as an off system advance therefore the amount paid will be 65% of the full amount due to account for estimated deduction of Tax, National Insurance, Pension etc. This secondary payment may not appear in your bank account until close of business on 31st July . Your August Pay will contain the full payment with the advance recovering against that value. You will therefore see both negative and positive values on you August payslip due to the advance being recovered and the actual arrears paid. We would like to take this opportunity to apologise for any inconvenience or confusion this may cause. Kind regards, Employee Services Transformation & Change Team 

Francis Stuart,

HMPPS Head of Employee Relations