11% increase in membership

NWPC logoi ii

Our recent recruitment drive has seen an increase of 11% accross the branch, with almost 20 new stewards.  Throughout the NW region we have seen similar increases NW Regional where recruitment for the year stands at 23,240, which is 15% above our previous year to date figure. We have already passed the total 2013 recruitment of 22,400 and are just 1,760 from our 2014 target of 25,000.
We are by far the highest recruiting region this year with 5,000 more new members than the Greater London region (2nd highest) and almost 8,000 more than the West Mids Region (3rd highest).
Leavers have increased by around 10% this year to 22,804 so far, but our high levels of recruitment ensure that we are currently in net gain, against the national membership net loss of 19,000 during 2014 to date.
November got off to a slower start but yesterday’s figures were good which may show the potential for another recruitment spike around the current Geographic Recruitment Period as well as Health and Police disputes.
We cannot be complacent but if we continue to prioritise recruitment and organising activity during current campaigns there is every reason to believe that we can meet our 2014 recruitment targets of 25,000 and end the year in net membership growth for the second year running.