What would you do with £37 billion?

£37bnWould you improve schools across the country?  Or perhaps reduce classroom sizes, maybe make higher education more accessible?

Some might suggest that the NHS needs the money and I am sure that there are many ways in which the community could benefit from such a colossal amount.

One thing is for sure I would not pay the money to Greedy Bankers, who are greatly responsible for the global economic crisis.

The government claims it cannot prevent bankers’ bonuses being paid because they are contractual, but appears happy to rip up our members’ rights, attacking our terms and conditions at every opportunity.

Now the EU is tightening up bankers’ bonuses at a year’s salary – but guess what? The UK government is fighting it all the way. It is willing to pay lip service to reforming banks and the bankers, but when it comes to actually doing anything it’s a different story.