English Defence League must not be allowed to gain a foothold

SpeakingĀ on Saturday at the Trades Councils annual conference in London, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady called on communities to work together to reject the English Defence League (EDL).

Addressing the conference, she said:

‘Communities and unions must work together to stop the EDL in its tracks. The fact the EDL is looking to make political capital out of the tragic murder of Lee Rigby shows just how far this organisation is prepared to go in its bid to stir up conflict and division.

‘Unions have long campaigned against the far right in workplaces and neighbourhoods across the UK. We will step up our campaign to show disaffected voters how the EDL is racist to its core and will work hard to ensure that its vile message of hate is rejected.

Highlighting the role trade councils can play, Frances said:

‘Trade councils are at the heart of the anti-austerity campaign, and have a vital role to play in building community unity. The TUC is proud to represent working people of all races and nationalities, and from every faith and none.

‘We must never let the politics of hate divide us. Creating more good quality jobs and affordable homes is the best way to give ordinary working people hope for the future and to tackle the root causes of fear and insecurity that the likes of the EDL and BNP feed on.’