The Suffragette campaign, Sylvia Pankhurst remembers Emmeline Pankhurst

In this account of her mother’s life, Sylvia Pankhurst remembers both Emmeline Pankhurst’s strength of conviction and her great personal charm. Interspersed with recollections of her mother founding and leading the Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU) and the great suffering she endured to achieve the goal of votes for women are more personal memories that reveal Emmeline’s huge energy and love of fashion.


The Suffragette campaign, droping leaflets over the Houses of Parliament

In this extract from a review of 1909, made 30 years later in 1939, we hear from the redoubtable Muriel Matters, who boarded an airship to drop leaflets over the Houses of Parliament.


The suffragette Campaign, a smashing campaign!

Dame Ethel Smyth remembers a window breaking campaign

Vera Brittain briefly describes the restrictions she faced as a young girl in a provincial town before introducing the composer and suffragette leader Dame Ethel Smyth. Heralded by her composition ‘The March of the Women’, the suffragette anthem, Dame Ethel describes the famous window-smashing incident of March 1912. Nearly 200 women were arrested as a result of the action taken on this night and Dame Ethel herself was sentenced to two months in Holloway Prison.


Women’s Suffrage Centenary Celebration


Saturday July 6th 2013 at

1.30p.m. outside Bolton Town   Hall

100 years ago Edith Rigby burned down Lord Leverhulme’s bungalow at Rivington in support for the campaign for votes for women.