40 leaders killed in one year: United Nations

Human rights activists, land rights activists and indigenous leaders, journalists, and representatives of political parties, amongst other, have been targeted in several violent attacks.

At least 40 leaders of the social movement have been assassinated over the last year in Colombia, three of whom were killed within the last two weeks, according to a report from the United Nations.

The press release from the UN’s offices in Colombia stated that the names of victims had not yet been made public, nor had the circumstances in which they had been killed.

“If we are to build peace, which Colombians long for so much, we must put an end to theses sinister incidents which seek to intimidate people and silence legitimate voices in society”, said a representative of the UN. “Freedom of thought and expression and the right to defend human rights without fear of reprisal attacks and threats are key for preserving a democratic society with social development. We appreciate all measures taken by the government to improve the protection and safety of Colombian social leaders”, he add