Enough Cuts, not enough pay

TUC march and rally in London on 18 October 2014

Paying bankers more and more willl not Kick Start the economy.

It is a fact that for every £1 our members take home an additional 64p of spending will be generated.  Increasingly members of UNISON are relying on Food Banks or finding themselves on the downward spiral of Pay Day Loans.

We have had enough of seeing our neighbours and friends on subsistance pay packets whilst Bankers and Executives reap the rewards of the financial tcrisis they caused, which is why we are supporting the TUC’s march on the 18th October

Are you traveling to London for the Britain Needs A Pay Rise march on 18 October? Our friends at campaign website False Economy have started collating information on free or subsidised coaches from around the country, organised by unions, trades councils and local campaign groups.

If you’re looking for transport to the demo, check it out and get in touch with the coach organisers to book your seat. More coaches are being added as they get booked, so check back later if there’s nothing there for you at the moment.

Check out the coaches now