Strong support for HMRC strike action

Strong support for HMRC action

There has been strong support for a week of rolling action by our HMRC members.

Members in Scotland and northern England are the first to take action today, holding a 1-day strike against job cuts, office closures and privatisation.

Many pickets were in place from dawn. In Scotland, strikers were in place from 5am and there was 94% support for the action. There was 95% support for the strike in East Kilbride and pickets were in place from 7am.

At Caledonian House in Dundee there has been a 90% turnout while only 16% of staff went in to work at HMRC  Bathgate near Livingston and there was support from MSP Neil Findlay, chair of the PCS Scottish parliamentary group.

About 85% of staff didn’t turn up for work in Stirling, Glenrothes, Falkirk, and 3 sites in Edinburgh, with 3 picket lines at Grayfield House.

In Aberdeen four pickets were on duty from 6am, with approximately 80% out on strike.

In Inverness 65% of people are on strike, with 4 reps and 3 supporters on the picket line.

It is a similar story across the northern region, with 90% on strike out of 244 members in Workington and a 90% turn out at Waterview Park, Washington. Only 64 out of 542 staff went in to work at George Stephenson House, Stockton.

The strike held up well in Peterlee and at the huge Benton Park View the action has been well supported.