Enhanced VR scheme

NWPC logoi ii

You may already have been advised of this by your HR locally, but NOMS has instructed Trusts not to not make any decisions regarding the NNC enhanced VR scheme. Any decisions will now be taken following the split
of staff on 1 June. Please see attached letter to Trusts from Michael Spurr, NOMS CEO. This can be shared with members.

This letter follows detailed information which was sent to Trusts earlier in the week from the Probation Association regarding the practicalities of inviting employees to apply for the NNC enhanced VR scheme.

The NOMS intervention appears to have been prompted by concerns that the split of staff on 1 June will not lead to the neat separation of work between the NPS and each CRC that the Government was expecting, hence the need to retain CRC staff who are likely to be asked to provide continuing services, particularly corporate services, to NPS. UNISON will be looking into this in more detail, to determine what implications this NOMS intervention has for the NNC Staff Transfer and Protections Agreement.

VR letter