When force of Argument fails the Argument of Force wins

Our actions in moving to a trade dispute and lodging notices of intent to ballot with every probation trust has undoubtedly helped to concentrate minds in the recent negotiations.

Please find attached a joint statement on the progress which has been achieved in negotiations this week regarding the draft NNC Staff Transfer and Protections Agreement.

Also attached is a copy of the NNC circular, also issued yesterday, which confirms the improved draft Transfer and Protections Agreement.

We remain opposed to the privatisation of the Probation Service but as a result of the progress made in the negotiations, the following will now happen:

Our Branch will consider suspension of the local JNCC disputes over the implementation of the staff transfer and assignment process.

UNISON’s Probation Committee will meet in early January 2014 to consider the final draft Agreement and, in particular, whether this can be recommended to you our members

UNISON’s Probation Committee will also consider our industrial action strategy; in particular whether the draft agreement resolves our trade dispute with probation trusts and whether our industrial action ballot still goes ahead on 10 January

The NNC will then meet later in January to receive the outcome of each union’s consultation on the final draft Agreement. If there is agreement, this will form the basis of a national collective agreement to be incorporated into the contracts of all probation staff

As set out above, UNISON’s Probation Committee will decide on the future conduct of our industrial action strategy when it meets in early January.

NNC Circular No 11 SCCOG Circular No 10 National Agreement 19 December 2013

Joint union statement Dec 13