GraylinG4s finds evidence of Irregularity

GraylinG4s investigation into overcharging by private sector companies, G4S and Serco, running the Ministry of Justice tagging contracts, has found evidence of irregularities in both contracts. The Justice Secretary has therefore moved to ask both companies to submit to an independent forensic audit of their contracts. Serco has agreed, but G4S has refused. As a consequence of the refusal by G4S, the Justice Secretary has asked the Serious Fraud Office to investigate whether there is any evidence that might suggest that the company might have been involved in more than a breach of contract. All G4S contracts with  Government are now going to be subject to an independent review.

UNISON assumes that this will include the Lincolnshire G4S contract which only a few weeks ago both G4S and the Lincolnshire PCC were singing the praises of.

This is a major embarrassment for the Justice Secretary at the time that he is trying to persuade Parliament that it would be safe to privatise Probation, with these two companies likely to have been major bidders for the work.

A copy of the Justice Secretary’s statement to the House of Commons and a Ministry of Justice statement is attached on our toolkit page