Transforming Rehabilitation

NWPC logoi ii

Our Branch Executive meets on Wednesday 25th to discuss the current 28 day consultation and will announce workplace meetings before the end of the week.

In the meantime if your Trust does convene staff meetings, go along and hear what they have to say. Agree to nothing and continue to point out that the NNC Agreement is still in draft, not agreed and could change.

Please note that the draft NNC Agreement is not for local consultation between employers and unions, because the documents are the subject of national negotiations. Local JNCCs can therefore only note the draft NNC agreement at this stage, pending the outcome of these national negotiations.

No individual member, or groups of members, should enter into any individual or collective discussion with their trust during the 28 day period in respect of any matter set out in the draft NNC Agreement.  Any member so approached should report it immediately to their local union representative.

It is inevitable that members will be anxious to know what the mechanism for staff transfer is going to be, but it is unfortunate that, due to inappropriate pressure from the Ministry of Justice being placed upon all parties, the draft NNC Agreement is being released without the annex dealing with the detail of the staffing split. It is therefore in an incomplete state.

In effect, the documentation which trusts are being asked to share with staff is for information only at this stage, and cannot be used to substantively consult with their staff about any detail of the staff transfer process.

For further detail or for direct updates