ogreave truth Campaign


NWPC logoi ii

NWPC is backing calls for an independent enquiry into policing at the Orgreave coke works during the Miners’ Strike, one of the most notorious incidents of the dispute.

During the so-called Battle of Ogreave on 18 June, 1984, 95 miners were arrested at the coke works and later charged with riot or unlawful assembly.

The Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign (OTJC) was set up as a result as the first cases brought to court by South Yorkshire Police were dismissed as the miners’ defence lawyers discredited the evidence; the force then dropped its charges against the remaining defendants – yet no police officers were disciplined and no apology has been offered.

Even the BBC became discredited for their biased reporting of the incident when they edited film to show what appeared to be the police running for their lives whilst being pursued by miners, whereas, in truth it was the miners who were running from police baton charges.