Privatising probation,

What comes first: your safety or their profits?

 99% of UNISON members working for the probation service have voted against privatisation.

UNSION believes the government is choosing to ignore all the warning signs and recommendations, continuing to bulldoze an untested path of privatisation for the service, at taxpayers’ expense both in terms of money and safety.

Harassed employees working for the probation service have already undergone numerous reorganisations and are currently going through job evaluations, relocations and harmonisation of posts.

UNISON is concerned that this is causing huge anxiety to probation workers who already fear for their future job security.

There are currently 35 local probation trusts across England and Wales, which the government is carving up.

Around 70% of the work will be outsourced to private companies, which will be responsible for managing and cutting reoffending rates.

Private companies contending for the work include G4S, which has recently been referred to the Seriou Fraud Office ever allegations including billing the government for tracking people who had moved abroad, returned to prison and, in some cases, died.

Incorrect management of offenders could potentially put the public in danger.

UNISON regional organiser Glyn Jones said: “The service is under severe strain having already reorganised in the context of ever decreasing budget constraints.

“UNISON members are becoming increasingly frustrated and are really worried and angry about being forced into these private companies.

“Our evidence shows that our members in probations services have no confidence in the Government’s approach and, as a result, industrial action cannot be ruled out.”