Low-paid NHS workers take further strike action

PCS members working on NHS pensions are to take a second day of strike action.

DisputeThe staff employed by venture capitalist company Equiniti at Fleetwood in Lancashire are walking out on Monday (29 July).

Many are ex-civil servants whose jobs were outsourced by the Department of Health.

Last year Equiniti declared an increase in profits of over 10%, achieving a turnover of £268 million. Meanwhile some of their staff continue to receive rates of pay which barely exceed the minimum wage.

Workers are demanding the payment of a living wage and fair pay for all. Staff are angry at the company’s refusal to honour an agreement to benchmark their pay against comparators in the public and private sector and took strike action for the first time on 1 July.

Despite repeated requests the company is flatly refusing to enter into further talks with us on pay.

For a living wage

Caroline Turner, PCS industrial officer, said; “Our members have suffered years of poverty pay. Many rely on in-work benefits to keep a roof over their head.

“We have staff on this contract forced to go to bed at 7pm in the evening because they can’t afford to use their heating and lighting, some employees are relying on food banks to feed their families.

“Their employer has made millions on the contract over the years on the backs of these workers and continues to refuse to pay a living wage.

“Our members and the local community in Fleetwood wonder why the Department of Health managers awarded the contract to this company in the first place. They are equally to blame for the poverty pay rates on this contract and we will be taking up their role with ministers.

“Our members do not want to strike but they are determined to stand up for themselves and seek fair pay. They deserve the widest possible support in their fight for fair pay.”

Send messages of support to solidarity@pcs.org.uk