Government policy is why Britain is falling behind in global race, says TUC


Commenting on David Cameron’s speech on Europe on Monday, in which he talked about the importance of the UK’s role in the world, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said:

‘David Cameron should have used today’s speech to outline how Britain could work with the EU to improve jobs, growth and living standards.

‘However, the Prime Minister opted instead to take a cheap shot at teachers and welfare claimants by spuriously claiming they were holding Britain back in the global race.

‘The real reason we are falling behind is because of his government’s economic policies. Our economy is recovering more slowly than the vast majority of advanced economies as a result of ministers’ blind obedience to self-defeating austerity.

‘Without a fresh approach and bold investment we will continue to trail our economic rivals. Lambasting schools and the most vulnerable in our society cannot hide that fact.’