Unions Together, Political School 2013, a time for change

Of the MPs in Parliament at the moment:

■a quarter went to Oxford or Cambridge
■86 MPs used to be lawyers
■156 MPs used to work in business
■90 MPs used to work in politics
■only 25 MPs used to work in manual jobs
■fewer than 1 in 4 MPs are women.

Do you feel workers are having a raw deal just now? Our jobs, wages and  terms and conditions are under attack. Our cost of living is rising. That our MPs just don’t not seem to get it. Do you know people who voted Labour in 1997 but are among the 5 million who stopped? Or are you one of them? You may be just the person we need. We need workers’ representatives in parliament. People with real experience of life. All the unions affiliated to the Labour Party have joined together to provide training for those who want to make a difference.  Take a look at this link. That could be you.

Political School 2013 – apply now!