Tell Debenhams and GAP to back Bangladesh safety plan

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Exploitation is so last season

The collapse of the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh was a terrible catastrophe that showed the dangerous conditions endured by the workers who produce so much of our clothing in the UK.

The needless deaths of over 1100 workers have thrown the spotlight onto UK clothing companies to ensure people making their clothes are able to do so in safety and dignity.
IndustriALL, the global union for garment workers, and UNI-global, representing retail workers, have developed an Accord on Fire and Building Safety. Signing the Accord commits companies to fund an independent safety inspector body that will involve workers in the process, through their unions, and to make long term deals with suppliers, offering more secure employment and training for workers. As such it represents a big deal for Bangladeshi workers.
We are pleased that in last few days over 30 major retailers have signed the Accord, including H&M, John Lewis, Marks and Spencer, Next, Primark and Tesco.

However, a number of High Street brands who manufacture in Bangladesh still haven’t signed. Prominent amongst these are Debenhams and GAP, and it would be great to bring them on board as well.

We need to increase the pressure on them, whilst they are still in the media spotlight. Getting these companies on board from the outset will help ensure that even more workers in Bangladesh will be protected by improved working conditions.

Please take a few moments to send an email to these companies, urging them to sign up to the Accord today.

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