Show some backbone and stop NHS privatisation

UNISON has called on the Lords to “show some backbone and vote down pro-privatisation section 75 of NHS regulations” being debated in the Lords today (24 April).
Christina McAnea, UNISON Head of Health, said: “Section 75 takes the NHS one-step closer to the edge of privatisation for our NHS. It breaks ministerial promises about not privatising the NHS and it binds the hands of the new clinical commissioners.
“The government is trying to fool the public into believing that the new NHS will be clinician-led at the same time telling those same commissioners that they must put all contracts out to tender to the private sector.  “We know that the private sector is lining up to grab a cash-share of our health service. This is money that will be diverted away from patients and onto the profit books of private health companies.
“Section 75 must be defeated, staff don’t want, clinical commissioners don’t, charities don’t want it, patients don’t need it so now is the time for the Lords to add their voice and say they don’t need it.”

Section 75 regulations have already been withdrawn and redrafted following huge public outcry.