Policy exchange report – tired old right wing rubbish

Commenting on a Policy Exchange report out on Monday (23 April), UNISON General Secretary, Dave Prentis, said: “This is the same tired old right wing rubbish from the Tory party’s favourite think tank.

“Emergency workers always provide essential cover on strike days. It is shameful of Policy Exchange to claim that paramedics, nurses and midwives would put the public at risk.
“The biggest threat to our public services are the Tory-led coalition’s drastic cuts and the profit making private companies circling the public sector like sharks.

“Private company involvement in public services is at best a waste of money and at worst a danger to the public. Just think of the catastrophic failure of G4S’s handling of the Olympic contract, or the risk posed to the public by Harmoni’s disastrous handling of an out of hours GPs service.”

A recent survey by UNISON revealed that the overwhelming majority of the public (73%) do not want public services to be run by private companies.