LGPS Issue no. 16

Members and activists will be wondering where the negotiations over the LGPS have got to…. The joint negotiating team and the Governance and Administration sub groups have continued to meet on a regular basis, the most recent meeting of the negotiating ‘Project ‘ team being this afternoon – Monday 2 April.

The negotiations are moving in a positive direction, in line with the agreed principles agreed before Christmas. However, it is obviously crucial that we ensure that every possible element of a possible new scheme is fully considered and that we explore all options in order to get the best possible deal for members. This has required a significant amount of work by actuaries and others and it is therefore not yet possible to produce final proposals.

We hope that we will be in a position to give you full details before the end of April so that the all-member ballot can commence around the start of May.

Keep talking, keep recruiting!

Soon we will be consulting members over the new LGPS from 2014. Now is the time to tell non-members that they will not be part of that consultation unless they join UNISON. Make sure you talk to every non-member in your workplace and give them the latest on the LGPS and get them to sign up!

We need more and more members to show the employers that we have got the industrial strength to resist attacks on pensions, pay, jobs and conditions. So carry on organising! Contact Indira Patel, i.patel@unison.co.uk if you would like to be a UNISON pension contact or steward.

Have a happy Easter in the meantime!