An invitation to a public event to SAVE OUR SERVICES Saturday Nov. 12th, 1pm to 3pm

Manchester Coalition Against Cuts is organising a public event to bring together the many workers and service users who are facing savage cuts in local services in the coming months. This will be an opportunity to find out what’s happening to local services and to exchange ideas about how to fight back against the cuts. This event is taking place in the run up to what is likely to be the biggest day of strike action for generations when public sector workers come out on strike in defence of pensions on November 30th. We hope that the meeting will also be the oppoturnity to building support for the strike action and to make links trade unions taking action and local communities fighting to save their services. Below is an invitation to all to come to the meeting on Saturday, November 12th, 1pm to 3pm, at the Mechanics Institute, Princess Street. Spread the word. Lets build the fightback!

Facebook page here. Download the leaflet.

An invitation to a public event to SAVE OUR SERVICES

As I am sure you are aware Manchester City Council has announced massive cuts to social care in our city. These cuts will have a devastating impact on the most vulnerable people in our communities at a time when the wider economic crisis is already making the problems that people face much worse. This includes support for people with disabilities, mental health problems, who are homeless, are escaping domestic abuse, teenage parents, the elderly, and people with drug and alcohol dependency issues.

We believe we can stop these cuts. Manchester Coalition Against Cuts has organised a public event to bring together people from as many of the affected services as possible. We are extending the invitation to workers, service users, trade unions and anyone that wants to protect these vital services.

If you are able to attend please confirm by e-mailing or texting your name, organisation (if any) and how many will be attending to, or 07916 725 396.

Finally, if you are able to get any funds from your union branch or wish to donate as an individual to the campaign please get in touch.

Yours sincerely
Manchester Coalition Against Cuts

N.B. This is a child friendly meeting. We do not mind children making a bit of noise in the meeting. Although we cannot afford professional childcare, there will also be people helping to organise a child friendly zone adjacent to the meeting room.