New UNISON workplace bullying Survey

You may be aware that UNISON carried out a survey on workplace bullying
and harassment in 2010. I am writing to ask you to participate in an update
on this survey to help us to identify whether cuts and job losses in the public
sector have resulted in an increase in workplace bullying.
Results from the last survey revealed that bullying at work had become a
major problem in many workplaces making the daily lives of some workers
intolerable. We also know that workplace bullying can lead to ill health and
work related stress and can be the cause of untold misery to workers. We
want to make sure that it doesn’t remain a hidden problem, accepted, or
encouraged by the culture within our members’ workplaces.
Portsmouth University has again been commissioned to carry out this online
survey on our behalf.
The results will be used to highlight and raise awareness of the problem
and will also help us to raise the issue with the Health and Safety Executive
(HSE), other relevant Government Departments, and employers.
I can assure you that all personal details will remain confidential.
We are keen to obtain as wide a response as possible and I would be grateful
if you would spare the time to complete this survey using the link below.