FW: UNISON CPD online survey – for English social worker networks

Social Work England (SWE), the regulator for social workers in England, is consulting on proposed
changes to their requirements for social workers carrying out and recording continuing
professional development (CPD). They are proposing to implement these changes from 1
December 2021.
The Service Group has designed an online survey to get members views on SWE’s proposals.
Branches are asked to email the survey link to their social worker members, encouraging them to
complete it. A model branch email to send to members with the survey link is attached.
The deadline for members to complete the survey is Friday 30 July. Member feedback will help
shape UNISON’s response to SWE on behalf of all our social worker members.

Changes proposed by SWE include:
 increasing the CPD requirement from 1 to 2 pieces per year, with a set theme for 1 piece
 including an element of peer review
 merging the unstructured and structured forms into a single form
 making changes to our validation process, including focusing on specific parts of
the sector (as opposed to a random selection)
This consultation is important for members’ careers. Social workers are required to record CPD
with SWE to renew their professional registration. The consultation comes at a time when social
workers are under immense caseload and workload pressure, exacerbated by the pandemic.
Changes to working practices such as home working have reduced opportunities for peer support.
The survey results and UNISON’s response to SWE will be circulated to branches in due course.
Many thanks for your help.
With best wishes
Jon Richards
National Secretary
Local Government, Police and Justice Section

TAKE OUR SURVEY HERE: https://survey.alchemer.eu/s3/90355378/Social-Work-England-CPD
Your feedback will help shape UNISON’s response to SWE on behalf of all our social worker
We will share the UNISON consultation response with members.
SWE aim to publish their consultation response and updated policy in autumn 2021. The new
requirements will come into effect from 1 December 2021, after 2021 registration renewal. This
means any changes will not affect this year’s renewal or CPD requirements. The requirement for
registration in 2021 is one piece of CPD.
If you want to view SWE’s full consultation proposal here is the link: