Day of Global Solidarity Action – Monday 20 July 2020

On Monday 20 July tens of thousands of workers in the US will take part in the #StrikeForBlackLives.

Some will walk out on strike and join mass protests while others will mark the day with action for 8 minutes and…seconds, the length of time that George Floyd struggled for breath at the hands of racist police.

The strike is opposing systematic institutional racism against black workers that effects everything from the wages they earn to the jobs they are able to get.The SEIU, Teamsters, United Farmworkers Union and the Fight for $15 campaign are heading up the action.

This strike by black and white workers against racism is historic.

UNISON North West Black Members Committee are asking all UNISON members to organise solidarity with US workers on the day.

Take a ‘selfie’ picture with your workmates or in your community or #TakeTheKnee for 8 minute and 46 seconds, and share your actions on Twitter with @NorthWestUnison and ~#StrikeForBlackLives , or send them to me at

A rally is being held at 6PM  at Pier Head Liverpool at which Glen Wiliams, Regional Convenor, will be speaking on behalf of UNISON. NB Masks and social distancing is required.

UNISON North West Black Members Forum

“In UNISON, ‘Black’ – with a capital B – is used to indicate people with a shared history. ‘Black’ is used in a broad political and inclusive sense to describe people in the UK who have suffered from colonialism and enslavement in the past and continue to experience racism and diminished opportunities in today’s society”.

Wednesday July 29th  06:00 PM 

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Meeting ID: 884 8978 1646 
Password: NWBMF 

All Black Members Welcome 

Stay Safe 

Ameen Hadi 

UNISON North West Black Members Committee Chair