I head up UNISON’s legal services and I wanted to get in touch to remind you what legal protection your UNISON membership provides.

If you’ve been treated unfairly at work, UNISON will be there to back you up. Your branch should be your first port of call and hopefully a legal resolution won’t be required – but if it comes to it and we think you have a reasonable case, we’ll be there to fight your corner and hold your employer to account. 

If you have an accident or injury at work – or even outside of work – your UNISON membership provides legal cover. You probably see lots of ‘no win, no fee’ adverts but our personal injury cover is better – it’s free and if you win, you keep 100% of your compensation. Plus we work with top lawyers at industry leading specialists, Thompsons Solicitors. But UNISON will be with you every step of the way.

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Free accident or injury cover

There are lots of other legal benefits and services you can access as part of your UNISON membership – even your family are covered in some instances. Browse our website and familiarise yourself with what you’re entitled to. 

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Overview of UNISON’s legal services

And not to blow our own trumpet but we’re also out there fighting big legal battles on behalf of all of our members, on issues like tribunal fees and sleep-ins, to change the law and make work fairer for everyone.

But as great as my team are, I hope you never need to contact us – although if you do, knowing what support is available could help you protect yourself and your family.

Best wishes,

Adam Creme
Head of Legal Services