Dear Colleagues

UNISON has been set an ambitious timetable for the consultation over the NPS pay modernisation offer by the NPS, which would like to implement the pay offer in November, subject, of course, to a majority members in each of the three Probation unions voting to accept it.

To this end, we are organising a ballot for UNISON NPS members to vote on the pay modernisation offer.

·         Our ballot will open on 18 October and will close on 8 November.

·         It will be a fully postal ballot with voting papers sent direct to members’ home addresses with a pre-paid envelope for the return of completed voting papers by the closing date. Members can visit, or call UNISON direct on 0800 0 857 857, to make sure that their contact details for the ballot are up to date. This must be done by Thursday 11 October at the latest, as we will run the RMS ballot register report on Friday 12 October.

·         Members who do not receive a ballot paper by Monday 22 October should ring UNISON Direct on 0800 0 857 857 to request a replacement be sent to them. The last day on which members will be able to request a replacement ballot paper is Friday 2 November (mid-day).

·         UNISON hopes to be able to run some pay offer presentations for members to attend during the above ballot period. We are preparing a UNISON power point presentation for representatives to deliver at meetings. To this end, UNISON has asked the NPS to release the following UNISON NPS Divisional Convenors on a 100% facility time basis for  the duration of the ballot:

Wendy Stuart:                   South West

Ian Croskel:                        South East

Trevor Bernard:                London

Steve Allender:                 Wales

Chelsea Skervin:               Midlands

Steve Buckley:                  North West

Larry  Whyke:                    North East

·         I expect to hear back from the NPS early next week in relation to the facility time request, but in the meantime, I would be grateful if colleagues could begin to discuss possible timings/venues, whilst understanding that until you have the green light for facility time, it is difficult to plan.

·         NPS staff who are not in a trade union will not get a vote on the pay offer. Non union members are therefore encouraged to join UNISON now so that they can take part in this important vote. Non-members can join by calling 0800 0 857 857, or by visiting The last date on which non-members can join UNISON in order to vote is Friday 26 October.

Further information will be forthcoming next week.