Kill The Bill

Union Members gear up for lobby of Parliament on Monday 2 November to oppose the Trade Union Bill

Shop stewards from our branch will travel from accross the Northwest down to London on Monday 2nd November to lobby parliament.

The lobby has been organised by the Trades Union Congress and is in response to the Conservative government’s Trade Union Bill which is due to have it’s third reading.

Kev Allsop, Branch Secretary of Northwest Probation & CAFCASS Unison said, “We remain committed to campaigning against the Trade Union Bill.  The bill is designed to further restrict the right of union members to take action against their employer. The bill proposes unreasonable restrictions on picketing and the right to protest with restrictions on the ability to post on social media.

For the first time, employers will be able to break strikes through the use of agency workers, this is something that could have serious safety implications”.