Using your vote

Why should I vote yes? I don’t believe in strikes.

It’s never easy to take action and we never ask you to unless it is absolutely necessary. A strong yes vote will show the NPS and CRC employers/shareholders, including the Ministry of Justice, that we are prepared to defend our pay and protect our living standards.

  • If we don’t fight, the government will continue to attack our pay and conditions and probation services will continue to be undermined which will impact on community safety. We have to take a stand.
  • We know that members are committed to their jobs, but the NPS and CRCs are taking our loyalty for granted.
  • By voting yes for industrial action you will be sending a strong message to the employers that enough is enough and that you want the NPS and CRCs to return to the negotiating table to improve the offer.
  • The employers won’t come back to the negotiating table unless we can deliver a strong yes vote in this ballot.

This is your opportunity to make your voice heard.