Become a Health and Safety Steward

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A health and safety representative has the statutory right to training and to raise issues which affect the health and safety of our members.

Our branch aims to have at least one health and safety representative in every workplace where we have members.  In some cases, the safety representative and steward are the same person but they have two separate roles.

Safety representatives have specific duties and responsibilities and also have important legal rights.

The Safety Representatives and Safety Committee Regulations of 1977 spell out in detail the rights and functions of safety representatives.  These include making representations to the employer on behalf of members on any health, safety and welfare matter.

A health and safety rep can represent members in consultation with Health and Safety Executive inspectors or other enforcing authorities.  They can inspect designated workplace areas at least every three months, investigate potential hazards, complaints by members and causes of accidents, dangerous occurrences and diseases.

They have facilities and support from the employer to carry out inspections and receive legal and technical information, and paid time off to carry out the role and undergo either TUC or union-approved training.

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