Strike action on Thursday 10 July.

NWPC logoi ii

As you know, UNISON members in local government will be taking strike action on Thursday 10 July.


 UNISON members in Police, Probation and CAFCASS have not been balloted over the local government pay dispute, and are therefore advised to continue with their normal duties and responsibilities on 10 July.  Police, Probation and CAFCASS members should not, however, take on any additional responsibilities given to them directly as a result of the local government industrial action.   Members are reminded that, due to industrial relations legislation, only those employees who have been involved in a legal industrial action ballot are allowed to take strike action.  However, members are encouraged to show support for their local government colleagues by attending meetings/rallies outside working hours, or by sending messages of support to strikers.

We are also asking EVERY UNISON MEMBER to email her/his councillors and MP via our web link and demand a better pay offer for council and school workers. Everyone lives in a local authority and 1.3 million local residents will make a big impact!

Official Picket Lines

 Refusal to cross an official picket line could render members, who are not covered by a lawful industrial action ballot, liable to disciplinary action including deduction of salary.  The exception to this is where there are genuine grounds to believe that crossing the picket line could put the person concerned at risk of injury.  Police, Probation and CAFCASS members are advised that, if they do have to cross a picket line on 10 July, in the course of their normal duties, they should assure the local government members present that they will not undertake any work normally done by those on strike.