Joint Union Campaign Briefing – Share Sale has not happened yet

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This joint union bulletin brings you up to date in relation to key campaigning issues in both NPS and in the CRCs.

Probation Unions Plan Joint Campaign Against Transforming Rehabilitation

Napo, UNISON and GMB are meeting regularly to discuss on-going joint campaigning against TR. Now that the staffing split has taken place, our priority is to stop the CRC sell-off in the autumn.

We have agreed to draw up a revised campaign plan for approval by all three unions, including the potential for industrial action.  We expect to be in touch with branches and representatives soon with details of joint actions which we will be asking our branches and representatives to undertake locally.

These actions are likely to focus on workloads, workload management and health and safety in both the NPS and the CRCs.

Some action will take place immediately, including:

  • A further round of letter writing to all CRC bidders
  • A joint member survey
  • Work around a parliamentary lobby of Parliament on 3 September. UNISON and GMB will be joining Napo for the parliamentary lobby being organised by the Justice Unions’ Parliamentary Group.

All three unions are acutely aware of the chaos that has accompanied the staffing split on 1 June and the stress and confusion that this has caused our members. Through the initiatives set out in this bulletin we intend to give further voice to members’ concerns and bring these to the attentions of politicians, the press and Parliament.